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Rhenus Office Systems - Substainability


Rhenus insists on sustainability

Protecting the environment is not just a Rhenus marketing strategy – rather it is the result of the logistics services provider’s enterprising way of doing business. Rhenus insists on using efficient processes, the shortest routes and handling resources carefully in all its business areas. This enables Rhenus to lower costs, to satisfy its customers’ requirements and to play its part in protecting the environment, all at the same time.

Almost every type of transportation or logistics activity requires energy – whether it is a truck route, a forklift truck operation or a crane working at a port – and therefore causes emissions. So Rhenus is continually working to find better solutions: avoiding empty runs, fully exploiting existing facilities, linking modes of transportation in an intelligent manner and using environmentally-friendly means of transportation.

Core principles and objectives

As a leading European provider of logistics services, the family-owned Rhenus group is active in the areas of contract logistics, freight logistics, port logistics and public transport. It offers integrated, tailored logistics concepts and innovative value-added services at competitive prices.

In order to grow faster than the market, the Rhenus group focuses on specific services and customer groups. This enables our decentralized operating units to respond faster and more effectively to customer needs. The opportunities available within our fast-expanding company attract staff of the highest calibre, who in turn help drive exceptional growth and customer satisfaction.

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